Sunday, February 8, 2009


My favorite parts of the Grammy's were COLDPLAY (with Jay-Z) and Adele....I love that lil' London girl, she has amazing talent. Coldplay always do a good job, I thought they should have gotten Album of the year. I did want Jay-Z to win for America Gangster, I REALLY related to that cd...I felt every word, but Lil' Wayne did hustle very hard last year and he do work hard, but I feel he needs to WRITE his lyrics more. He has a good delivery but his lyrics are weak at times, but when he takes his time and WRITE he do a good job but he's no LUPE....much love and congratz to Lil' Wayne for working hard and making his dreams come true...goodnite yall time to roll a blunt and see if I can get a backrub.

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