Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mama... My Queen

There is no words to explain the love I have for my instinct a man has to protect the woman who gave birth to him.... I know I gave you hell growing up but I hope to repay you with all the good I'm trying to do now as a MAN....I just want to make you proud of me and give you anything your heart desires... Mama you made me a warrior and a hard worker..I watched you work all my life and I promise you will NOT be working your whole are the reason I'm an artist... Your the reason I'm strong... I just love you.. I would die for you and I would live for you.. Your my queen the woman I worship...mama I will always be there for you....because you have always been there for me... Even when I was wrong.. You told me when I was wrong but you always had my back even when I did mess up...You were the first one to come bail me out of always told me to follow my dreams...I love you mama... Happy mothers day...your first son, Miya Bailey

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