Monday, May 24, 2010

Homeless Pitbull

I was walking through 5 Points and this homeless dude asked me for some money...he had this pitbull with him that got my attention... I keep running into dogs with 2 different color eyes... Some of y'all might remember "Lola the English Bulldog" from the DC post.... She also had those crazy eyes... I wonder if it's a sign or somthing

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Location:5 Points, ATL


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Kandyce said...

Aww, yes I remember Lola. Aww this dog is precious!! I love pitbulls. Haven't had the heart to get another since I had to give up "Lucky"; he was champagne wit a grey eye and a blue one. It's something about those eyes. My pit before him, "Bella" had one grey eye and one brown. Again I say awww.

Ekua said...

I think those animals with two different colored eyes are angelic beings.

V!CK D@MON3 said...

I had to care for a friend's pitbull this time last year & it amazes me how loyal they are if you take care of them. After checking out this post... I've been inspired to write.