Monday, May 10, 2010

The Making of: "Before I'm Gone"

I have been working hard on my first book "Before I'm Gone: the Art & Life of Miya Bailey" I usally don't let people see how I create my private art...but fuck you go...I never work on one piece of art at a time.. I work on a LOT of pieces all at the mind floats around to each piece of paper... And each one is a different thought or are samples of my pen & ink work...since tattooing is becoming more "business" this book and my film project is my ecsape from work.. It's 100% ME... I don't have to listen to other peoples ideas... It's all me all my soul.. My fears, my passions, desires... And my past... These stories WILL let you know who the REAL Miya Bailey is.... Before I'm Gone

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Location:Miya Bailey's Art Studio

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K*Mack said...

You know what Miya, It's commendable the things that you share with the public. Things that you really don't have to bc 1. Your work speaks for itself and 2. Your fans or ppl that support you regardless are always going to be there behind you. I always (since I've known ab it) read your blog and things you say, your work, even just pix, always hit a nerve with me. Living in NYC, and loving tats and ink, I've been around a lot of so-called artists and have unfortunately been inked by some who weren't master trained and it's FKD up bc they are just tryna make a quick buck. I've had a dude tell me that my homegirl couldn't get wht SHE wanted bc she wanted it smaller and if she got it smaller, she would "lose the detail" and he's been "doing this for 17 yrs." I'm like dude, as a so-called artist - yea you're supposed to offer advice but ultimately don't tell someone what they can and can't get. Mind you all his ink looks like SHIT. I am just tired of the coonery.

And ppl don't get why I'm going "all the way to ATL" for ink. SMMFH.