Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Directed by COREY DAVIS

Tattoo Artist, graphic artist, fashion designer, businessman, painter, blogger, illustrator, and NOW video director and FILM MAKER...the youngest man on the team "COREY DAVIS" saturday was Corey's last day in Atlanta..he's now in NYC following his words can express how PROUD I am of him...I have trained a lot of people but few have had that drive to be successful like Mr. Davis....To plant a seed and watch it grow and stand on it's own is was an emotional month for me..I knew it was time for Corey to leave the nest and build his own are watching a young legend in the making...a man with VISION..Corey reminds me of a mixture of me and Tuki...lets see where life takes him...I KNOW he will inspire and change the world in some way.

Here are 2 videos directed by Corey Davis

Mach Five - On My Way from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

The first single from Mach Five's "Sex On A Sunday LP" Directed by Corey Davis. Produced by DJ Donna Summer.

White Light Records - White Light Syndrome from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

In Corey Davis's word: "This is officially my directorial debut! So I felt it was only right to start off by shooting something for some of my closest homies first. "White Light Syndrome" is the first single from White Light Records (DJ Smiles, Dell "o8o" Harris, Niko Villamor). Keep your eyes open for their new single "8 minutes" coming soon!"

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