Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Angels "Happy Mothers Day"

Ninny, Grandma Gladys, & Grandma Pecola... Happy Mothers Day..... It don't seem like 9 years has past... The pain of death still bothers me...and I often run away when people mention you.... It still feels fresh....I guess God had plans for me and my family when all 3 (great grandmother & 2 grandmothers) all died days apart from each son was born then I lose the 3 women who helped raise me...I didn't understand Gods plan at first but now I see it clearly...all the praying y'all did for me I can feel them now... It's like yall protecting me... Looking over me making sure I understand who my friends are and who my eneimes are... You ladies are my were my example of what a true black woman is....y'all were perfect to me....I wish I could hear your voice just one more time... I wish I could feel your hug just one more time...I promised I will look after my family and do what I can to make life better for them all... I hope my uncle can fell y'all around him... Because I feel y'all everyday... Every tattoo, every painting, every word, every drawing... I feel my angels guiding my hand... Leading my voice to say only the REAL & truth... Your prayers always protected me... And those blessings will be used to make my familys life better.... Happy Mothers Day.... I love y'all

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