Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My day off work "Part 2"

We hanging out in Soho... Soaking in the vibe of the people...comparing the difference between ATL & NYC women... I know that's not good, but hey it's what men do...this guy walked over to our table who knew who we were and introduced himself to us....he said he was connected to Dame Dash's art gallery & creative studio "Creative Control" and is launching a dope fashion line of bow ties....he showed us one of his designs and I loved it...it's funny that he walked over because I told Corey he needed to check out the spot and try to get a video gigs over there...plus I want to show some of my paintings over at Dame's art gallery....we traded numbers and jumped back on the food & drinks

Once we got the bill.. I thought to myself.... Damn the cost of living in NYC is high.... I can see why they want to be so cheap with their tattoos...the prices are crazy

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cptheartist said...

TRUE. Many times restuarants are expensive in The North because they dont want a race of people in there. It's called "Price Segregation" in my book. I was amazed being in Atlanta and food was so cheap at nice restuarants. When I went to the City, I've always ate at a Deli, Dirty Hot Dog stand, or McDonalds.

Besides that yes, Everything in the North is high priced and people want money. It's hard to live there