Sunday, July 12, 2009

To: Miya Bailey...From: Damion Bailey

To: Miya Bailey...From: Damion Bailey

Wassp big bruh. Nice post. You I left the day before you got there and we bonded, ate cashews, talked about old days, spirituality, and death. Billy never treated us any different from how he would have treated his own sons. Nikki is stronger than anyone I've seen and I let Billy know that you and I will make sure she's always taken care of. Momma wanted me to write a poem and I started one..kept getting choked up as I looked at the words I was writing. I took a pass on reading it at the funeral and now more than ever I am motivated to complete my book. I looked up to him because of the bad to good transition he made in his life. No other man in our lives have had such a positive effect besides you Miya. I've only felt pure love my whole life from him, you, and Uncle Bert when it comes to family. We know Uncle Bert is not concerned about his own welfare so I cling to you and love you harder than anyone else. So selfishly i say...don't you ever leave me fucked up out here by letting something happen to you. Love you more big brother. See you sometime this week

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License 2 ILL said...

Hey that was some true beauty and love expressed by both you brothers about Billy G...he will surely be missed by those who knew mamma wanted me to tell y'all to take care of one another and especially Nikki y'all will step in Billys shoes and be that big brother/father that she will be missing..I love y'all man..if anything y'all need me for I'm here..