Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Last Minute.....Saturday JULY 11th

Fadia hit me up when I was up in the mountains (Asheville) visiting a dying friend on his last days on earth. She asked me if City of Ink could host a party over at VICE (the old Royal) I was feeling REALLY down seeing my friend in so much pain and just waiting for peace in it was perfect timing..I called up Tuki and asked him was he down with hosting a party there and he was Fadia gave us saturday July 11...I have had A LOT of my mind lately...losing close friends...seeing my hometown struggle because there are no jobs...working on the new VIP private rooms at's been a crazy few months...but I'm here and I'm thankful for life....I'm not always the most social person, but it's always cool to be surrounded by your love ones and old friends...but I only like to party when I deserve it...and personally I don't think I deserve it until I have reach all my goals (which are finishing the VIP tattoo rooms, finding me a loft so I can paint and draw in private, and a BIG house for my family) so I decided to use the money from the party to buy Corey, Sophie, and Chris new tattoo chairs...I do miss that old Royal vibe, seeing Grip, Protron, Hollyweerd, Sean Falyon, Muffy, Fadia, and lets make this shit a family reunion! Business is doing AMAZING at the shop and I'm blessed but LIFE has been very stressful for me...but this party will help I how to see everyone...I have missed yall!

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