Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake "Best I Ever Had"

Drake "Best I Ever Had" was directed by Kanye West...but wassup with all those light skin video hoes?? can we get MORE different skin tones?? They all look like like different flavors...brown skin, dark skin, red, yellow, etc..LOL it was good eye candy but DAMN can we get ALL different skin tones?? I know light skin girls aren't all video hoes...I know a few dark skin freaks too...oh well it's not my video...Props to Drake for coming out strong for deserve it bruh...keep working hard and GROW make T Dot proud.

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

OOPS...I got some hate mail...not ALL video girls are HOES, I was just speaking on the video shoots I HAVE BEEN TO and what I HAVE SEEN.....I can't speak on ALL rap videos...just the ones I have been too..and they wasn't just "modeling" or "acting" they were being "hoes" lol but NOT ALL are hoes..I do know some Video Vixens who are LADIES and do it just to make money and start a modeling careers...its the hoes that give the ladies a BAD I'm sorry if I offended anyone using the word "hoe" they are not all hoes....just the rap videos I have seen shot in my


Lex Boogie said...

Lmao I can't


The video has nothing to do with the song. To be honest I think Ye was trying to play Drake down, for the simple fact that lately he's been getting all the shine. and Ye's been in the shadows for some time now. I recently watched the street lights video. Shit was mad lame.