Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Last Minute.....TONITE it's time to PARTY!!!

Ok yall TONIGHT City of Ink presents "The Last Minute" I want yall to party to the last minute like its your last day on Earth...let go of ALL stress and yourself, express yourself and come out TONIGHT for the COI party....I have missed the Royal..I know they changed the name to "Vice" but it's still the Royal to I hope to see all yall out tonight...I have a lot of shit on my mind so I need to be surrounded by all my old and new's time to reunite the old family and party like we use negative energy..BUT LOVE yall!...all the money made tonight will go to buying NEW tattoo chairs for City of Ink...see yall tonight...time for me to get ready for some tattoos...blessings, Miya Bailey

Shout outs to Fadia, Corey Davis, Hollyweerd..RIP Billy G.

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