Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hollyweerd "I wanna Meet her" produced by Spree Wilson

Yesterday was a cool day. I was on my way to a business meeting when Demyane (the manager) hit me up saying there were some film makers at the shop waiting for me. Demanye FORGET to tell me I was doing an interview for a doc film called "I am A Dream Chaser" about 10 people who followed their dreams in life...I will get back on that the film on the next blog...when I got to the shop Tuki, Chris and Dreamer had to leave for sound the looks of the cameras and the crew I knew I would miss both my business meeting and the Hollyweerd show...I did the interview (they asked some of the BEST questions any writers have asked me) so it went very well...they will be back on saturday to finish the if your in ATL drop by and be apart of this...I hate I missed ANOTHER Hollyweerd show...but Tuki just showed me this youtube video someone taped lastnight...I love this song props to Spree for producing a hit..hope NY treating you good bruh you deserve it...time for me to hit the barber shop..I will hit yall later...blessings, Miya Bailey

PS...enjoy the Hollyweerd video...if your in LA...they will be performing at a few places follow them on twitter: and on faceback under "Hollyweerd"

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