Monday, July 20, 2009

GOD....or Goddess

If God is everything and different things to different people...then to me God is a less female energy. The 5% nation taught me everything evolves around the sun which is true..BUT the Sun is only a star in a whole universe..and space is FOREVER there is no beginning or ending which is GOD...I have no proof of this, its just something I feel in my soul my personal opinion on how I see life on Earth. Women are more in tone with the earth... her cycle is line up with the moon, like tides in the's amazing..I even heard if women are close and all hang around each other they will have their periods around the thats beautiful (if thats true..I don't know I'm just a man) It's in the males natural to protect his females like the LION do his's instinct for bees and ants to protect, mate, and go to war for their queen...and hands down Pussy is the GATEWAY to heaven (or hell) human males do whatever it takes to attract the opposite sex...from fancy cars, and big homes...when a child is born that first person they fall in love with is their mother...when I was a child I hated to see men looking at my women in a lustful way...I felt I had to protect it was my job as a man. Just imagine being born with all these emotions to give love and have men abuse this gift..and the pain they have to feel afterwards...or the pain they have to feel giving birth...the way her body is made is perfect and inspiring to all artist (male and female) thats power...thats GOD...thats beauty...thats nature....I just wish more women understood their power and knew what men to share it with...


Sincerely Lisa said...

You put that in such a perfect way... I'm afraid my comment might mess it up. LOL.

Mreeuh said...

i've thought abt this alot as too. Some more facts:

A male baby is twice as likely to die during childbirth than a little girl.

More men have reading disabilities than women.

Men = XY choromosome, Women = YY chromosome. Womens' two genes reinforce each other. Mens' conflict.

The area of the human brain that controls emotional intelligence & communication skill, is larger in women. Men have more of the hormone (iforgetthemedicaltermitslongasfuck) that serves as the "animal" force, the instinctual hunter, the impulsive beast.

Now that we've covered which gender breed is dealt with the stronger hand in the mental department...lets talk abt the body. Who's got the strength, the agility? The man, of course! But wait, who lives longer? And who carries the seeds for the next generation? The woman. Kinda scary, right?

I feel you on the Mother-God analogy. Your mother is the closest thing you'll ever have to God, that's what I believe. Just like God, its mom that wants whats best for you, the mom that lays out the blueprint of conduct, and the mom that will forgive you EVERY time!

Whoo, this comment is getting long.

Before I end this, let me just say: I'm not arguing that the woman is stronger than the man, or superior. We were designed to SERVE the man, not sneak him, cheat him, decieve him, belittle him, etc., like this new lost population of women are all doing now, on that "independent female" bullshit. We need men, and men need us.

The 5% nation taught u everything revolves around the sun, well they taught me that Men are the Gods and women are the Earths...a perfect relationship, in unison.

ice.Blue said...

im with lisa. i love the way u think... visual. accuracy. truth and power. ur mind rocks miya.

3pieceonline said...

Okay I don't normally speak here but let me just say you hit the nail on the head. However we (men and women) were made to complement and complete each other. So we embody what you need and you embody what we need. I also wish women would understand that no you can't do everything a man does because we are the receptacles, the gateway for spirituality which means we should only receive our true mates.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mreeuh "We were designed to SERVE the man, not sneak him, cheat him, decieve him, belittle him, etc., like this new lost population of women are all doing now, on that "independent female" bullshit. We need men, and men need us."