Monday, January 19, 2009

A Poem someone wrote for City of Ink....THANK YOU sis!

Soulful with the ink
reach down into the soul
bring it to the surface
with beautiful colors of gold
telling a story only a true artist knows
miya singing with ink pen
drawing beautiful musically notes
from the spirit within
butterflies my favorite yes indeed
transformation Mr. bailey put eyes
so they truly come alive and see
what a blessing to our people
you and your artist have become
drawing art on the skin so much
deeper than a tattoo it has become
ancient descendants past down
the talent to you
to tell the story of the soul
without words and you do
deep down in the south yes
Georgia you have to go
to get blessed by the best
in the ATL we all shall know
without a doubt miya bailey
giving ink some soul
power to you my brother
with your blessing of art
you have a talent of vision
not seen with just the eyes
but from the heart
whatever they wish for
your bring it alive
transcends all others in comparison
when you want your soul to speak out
in art and color
miya, tuki, kevin, ant, sophie
mel-man, corey and chris
city of ink is the shit
where they get down
known all over
spreading joy and love around
with ink and color
from the soul you see
I'm sending mad love to my sista
and brothas
peace, love, and soul
miya bailey and artist
everyone shall agree
so I personally thank thee

created by Peaches(Mosi) 1/6/09

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taj anwar said...

that's really sweet