Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police...Period! I know you can not judge ALL police officers by the actions of one bad pig (or a group of bad pigs) so I can ONLY judge the police by my own personal history with them myself and the history of people I know in my life and the stories we see OFTEN in the news around the country. I will never say ALL police officers are evil, I can only call out the ones I know and the ones I have done battle with myself. Yes I'm an artist but before my career I was known for my clashes with the Police in Asheville and Atlanta. I will always speak my mind (good or bad) and I will always be a human being full of emotion, pain, love, and God. The Police in my opinion are nothing but a gang, a LEGAL paid gang. A bunch of lame nerds who never got girls, they were never in the so-called "in crowd" in school and they never got respect in the streets so once they were of age they joined this legal form of the KKK aka the POLICE aka PIGS. In my 33 years of life on planet earth I have only met ONE police officer in my life time that I feel was a "good man" I often asked him why did he even join this group of terrorist. He said the pay was not good, he lose alot of his friends for joining the police dept, and it was even harder to be called a "sell-out" so his reasons to me are still not clear to me why anyone would even want to be apart of this group. But I do feel he is a good dude, just trying to find his way through life. He might have the right ideas in tyring to do good for the people, he just joined the wrong group. And if anything ever pops off with the pigs I hope he knows what side to be on, because a lame ass pay check is not the same value as human life. I have seen video after video of police killing unarmed people all across America and we do NOTHING. We sit back like it's a fuckin' reality show and DO NOT ONE THING about it. How can we as HUMANS (not black or white, but HUMAN) stand for this injustice? And when is it the right time to bear arms and protect ourselves from the police and their system? Where is our voice to speak out? Did Obama speak out on this issue? I don't even follow TV anymore so I have no clue, all I do is work allday and night. Who will protect the people from the police?? The weather men are gone, the black panthers seem to be underground now, and the rappers aren't saying SHIT because most rappers are a bunch of bitches and slaves with the same PROGRAMMED message. I'm writing this blog to express my pain for seeing us DO NOTHING. I'm not Rambo, I'm not an one man army, but I do have a voice and I have battled MORE than my share of police in my lifetime (check my record) I hide nothing from the people, I'm an open book. So I can back up ANYTHING I say against those pigs because I have always fought or lose, I have my honor and pride. FUCK THE POLICE, and if your one of the good cops then speak out against your follow officers or your just as bad as they are....lame ass PIGS!


Assertive Wit said...

I got my AA degree in Criminal Justice and a lot of people assumed I would go on to work in law enforcement...never. I don't even respect the justice system we have to do something like that. Our justice system could DEFINITELY use some renovating and rehabilitation.

"The people" have all these laws that are "supposed" to protect us but they really don't because they aren't enforced on EVERYONE who breaks them.

I'm from Oakland, CA and accident or not, I don't know one person there who killed someone else in plain view of others and didn't get put behind bars. It shouldn't be any different for an officer who unnecessarily kills someone...unfortunately, the government allows officers to think they are above the law because they are never punished as a civilian is.

This is a "mistake" no officer can afford to make. If law enforcement does not punish this officer (I ain't talking bout no punk ass administrative leave either), the anarchy that will come about is what they brought about on everyone.

s i n c e r e said...

Well in my 35 years I've never ran into a "good" cop. Sure I know some who are "cool", but that's only cool to those they know personally. To everyone else they're a bad cop. As a cop once told me, "you have to have a low-down streak in you to be a cop". That answered for me. They're ALL bad cops.

Abrasively Brilliant said...

I adamantly agree.

Anonymous said...

I don't worry about cops killing me as much as I fear being killed by another black male wanting to be a "gangster".

Too many times we scream out "Fuck the Police" but how many times do we march and stand up for the senseles violence that has plagued our streets for decades now. Future generations are being poisoned with this rhetoric on how the ghetto, hood, and/or streets is the way to go. It has turned some of us into uncivilized beasts lusting only after, money and materialistic possessions instead of educated successful men and women.

At one point in time I wanted to be an officer for the simple fact that I thought that I could bring change to the city that I lived in. I've been here all of my life and throughout my whole life I've seen how ruthless both the cops and the citizens in this city can be. Drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, murderers rapers, etc.... rule this city and I can't sit here and say that police has ever done me more wrong than these people I call me neighbors. We as a culture need to first look in a mirror before we automatically scapegoat the "pigs" for every bad thing that happens. I want to see this much attention the next time there is a drive-by.

Geeky Girl said...

I have a friend who lives in CA who posted about this. It is not just this case of a cop shooting an UNARMED black male for no apparent reason. It is the misuse of power that cops nationwide seem to continue to perpetuate in what appears to be an increasingly alarming high rate. The sad thing is that this is nothing new, its just being caught on video more often. This man may be stripped of his badge but I doubt he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life which he should be.

And Jerrime, I understand your point of view, however "gangsta" Black men generally bother other "gangsta" Black men. You have a higher chance of being harassed by a cop than you do of a "gangsta" Black male.