Monday, January 5, 2009

Links to ALL My Websites.....

If you have followed my life and career over the years you really need to bookmark these LINKS....I don't put everything on myspace. So here is a break down of all my sites so you can follow my events, videos, personal life, and my deepest thoughts on life and art.

) www. miyabailey. blogspot. com
My Blog site are randoms thoughts and interest in my life. From my personal life with my family to my opinions on fashion, music, movies, media, politics, art, and tattooing.
This is for the real blog lovers so add me and follow my blog: www. miyabailey. blogspot. com

)www. youtube. com/miyabailey
My Video page, full of everyday life at City of Ink and in my personal life. From me doing tattoos to me getting my own tattoos. Live music from concerts I have been too, to just walking the street of ATL with the homeless and a few crackheads.
It's reality: www. youtube. com/miyabailey

)www. thecityofink. com
This is the official website of the City of Ink Movemement. This site was designed to inspired the minds and souls in every city across the world. It was designed by Mr. Soul of COI Creative. Tour dates, Events, free music downloads, business hours, and FAQ.
www. thecityofink. com

)www. myspace. com/miyasart
This is my Art (drawings & painting) page. You will get to see pages from my book (on sale soon) first on this page. This is my personal myspace page for my family life, new artwork and everyday living, like a visual page for my blog site.
it's not a tattoos on that page, just LIFE & ART www. myspace. com/miyasart

)www. myspace. com/miyabailey
This is my official page for my TATTOO body art. This page is 100% for business and to showcase my tattoos for the world. I do answer 100% of ALL my messages sent me this page. You can't set an appointment through this page but I will answer all the questions I get that come in myself.

www. myspace. com/miyabailey

)www. myspace. com/cityofinkbooking
This page is maintain by my manager, Demayne Ginyard. He handles all appointments OUTSIDE of Atlanta. So if you in one of the cities we tour, contact Mr. Ginyard and he will handle all your appointment needs.

www. myspace. com/cityofinkbooking

YAHOO IM: miyasart (add me)
American Online IM: miyasart
MSN: (email straight to my sidekick)

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