Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dreams coming True....INKED Magazine!

I'm a big dreamer, and I have learned in life that dreams do come true. I collect A LOT of different magazines and I have always had dreams of being featured in the same pages that I buy weekly. Last week I got an email from INKED magazine, asking if they could feature The City of Ink in their magazine. Of course I was excited as hell, I'm a loyal reader of Inked since day one and I have collected every issue. We did the interview last week over the phone with Adam (he interviewed me almost 4 years ago for Beyond Race Magazine). Adam always come with the best questions. Friday Jan. 30th @ 1pm we will be doing our photoshoot for Inked over at City of Ink. I hope the shop is busy so they can see our clients and supporters. I want to make sure they understand we are not just another tattoo shop in ATL, but a movement of visual artists and trendsetters paid dues for younger artists coming up in both fine art and tattooing. I still can't believe it, we will be the first tattoo shop (of black tattoo artists) to glace these pages. We are honored by this moment...seems like 16 years of tattooing non stop is finally paying off....Thank you Jason (editor), and Inked Magazine for giving us a chance.

PS...I was featured in INKED magazine before and the back issues are on sale.

April 2008 INKED MagazineINKED Magazine (Page 104)

INKED...INKED April 2008 Magazine (Page 104)


amoni50404 said...

You all are so deserving of this opportunity, I love what you do and ever more where you're going! Soon the whole world will know about the Movement that is The City of Ink

Authentically U - A Diamonds and Sapphire Bride said...

wow!! That's great!! Congrats!! You deserve it!!!

Assertive Wit said...


Less LeLe said...

def tried to get that issue on back order SOLD OUT!

Thank goodness for ebay!!!