Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hmmm what should I do tonight??

I just finished my last appointment for the day. The shop is PACKED today, all the artists are tattooing and it's a good feeling and blessings to see this many people supporting us in Jan. Sophie has 2 or 3 more people to tattoo tonight. Ant is out front talking to one of his homies, and Melvin is working on 3rd hour of his sleeve session. I might walk up to Slice or 255 for a beer or 2, or help Samba with the floor because there are still people here wanting ink. Hollyweerd is performing at Sloppy Seconds so MJQ might be that move for tonight. Get drunk, smoke out and hit the bed and wake up and create some new artwork inspired about TONIGHT.


Authentically U - Bride said...

I have a suggestion for what you can do tonight! 1) Spread some artistic love for a girl in dyer need of a monogram. I'm a finalist in a contest to win one. Can you go over to

and vote for me. 2) Order me a "KP on a Platter" from slice and say what's up to cozy sea when you go to MJQ. hahahaha

Appreciate Ya!!

Goldi gold said...

Word, glad everything good. I wanted to swing by the shop last night but I just wanted to do the dolo time. Keep making it happen fam and I see you on your blog game tough. Do that shit fam!!!!