Monday, January 19, 2009

I Thank you ALL......

2008 was a VERY good year for City of Ink. ATL, DC, Bmore, LA, San Fran, Chitown, London, Germany, Asheville, Charlotte, and many other cities have supported us STRONG last year and helped us grown a name not just in Atlanta but all over the WORLD. I would have never thought City of Ink would have grown so fast in this short amount of time. From all the people who came and got their free "dripping star" tattoos to all the videos and photos shot by companies here in ATL. It started as an art gallery and tattoo shop into a movement that has spreaded across the world. Who would have known what a group artist coming together for the love of art would create.

We never played the "race card" and wanted people to look past our skin color and just look at the ART we were creating. We wanted to stand out and do something totally different from what we have seen other tattoo artists do in the past. We created our OWN style of tattooing following and copying NO ONE and the people noticed. Each tattoo and painting was created from the heart and soul.

I just wanted to thank YOU the people for making City of Ink the #1 choice for the People....our goal for 2009 is to keep our prices affordable for the working class so will cont to start ALL custom tattoos at $40....and I will cont design my artwork to YOUR spending name the PRICE at City of Ink and we create to your price range...we PROMISE to have the best price for CUSTOM work in ATL (no flash or copying) one of a kind tattoos every time.

All we ask is your support and your TRUST...and if you support us put us on your TOP FRIENDS and create a "City of Ink" folder on your page and show off your tattoos that you have gotten from me and my staff...if you have a City of Ink Pic Folder already on your page please hit me up and if you are planning to make a COI folder also hit me up...Im honored, humbled and thankful to each and every one of you for making our dreams come true....

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