Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wake Up...

Since I have been working on my book.. I have been waking up pretty early ready and inspired for the next day of drawing...I always had a bad sleeping problem... I even went to a doctor for the problem... I started morning jogging..eatting breakfast ... But I think this book is helping my mind the most... Releasing those ideas I've had on my mind on paper is helping me sleep now...a lifestyle change was needed....being able to sleep now feels amazing... Less things on my mind to keep me up at night.

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Nakki said...

I'm an insomniac too. I should be up writing but after a certain time, my brain shuts down, but my eyes remain awake.

Sleep specialist are nothing but a JOKE.

Now, I take a lil blue pill, I'm out within 15 min.

I hear that the best creative moments are in the wee hours of the night.

Chelle said...

Saw a special on the news that people who are night owls are highly intelligent... :)

Lex said...

I am with you on the sleep issue. I just haven't been able to fix mines yet. *sigh*