Monday, November 1, 2010

Tattoo: Tree of Change & Growth

A tree to represent "change & growth" one of my favorite clients flew down from DC to get this piece... She is also the same person who bought my "Love Again" painting.... Thanks for always supporting me... Hope to see you at the DC "City of Ink" soon..

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Location:323 Walker Street atlanta ga 30313


Anonymous said...

That is really nice!!

wisdom goddess born said...

Just amazing Miya. As one of your loyal followers who has not gotten the chance to catch up with you in ATL, please tell me more about DC's city of ink connection, are you just visiting at Pinz and Needles or is this a more permanent move to DC?

susanne said...

This is amazing Miya like always! and Dc "city of ink" I amm tooooo excited for that one!