Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuki Carter & the Art Battle

I alway miss Tuki's Hollyweerd shows because of work but Saturday night I got off work early to see Tuki in action in this art battle...I did it last year so this time it was my brothers turn.... I get excited when I see Tuki doing art... I know music is his passion but it was art that brought me, him & City of Ink was something we did for a living to feed our families we never knew it would grow into an art lifestyle movement all over the world...i'm very proud of Tuki Carter....oneday I will own one of his is a look at the painting he did for the battle step by step...amazing talent he did the painting the sameday as the event (like always) me & Tuki are planning our very first artshow together I'm excited about that!!

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Lady L said...

such a talented man