Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I got Bootlegged AGAIN!

Someone on facebook sent me a photo of a wooden necklace from the company "Good Wood NYC" they used one of my 2002 Angel series drawings without my permission..in other words they are using my art without paying me a dime....at first I was thinking someone might of submitted the art as their own to their custom jewerly section on their website... But if you look CLOSE my damn signature is still on the necklace.. I sent them an email with no reply back... To be cont'

PS if you want to write "Good Wood NYC" about this issue (they also bootlegged some of Corey Davis art also).... Go right ahead...power in numbers

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Bryan said...

shit is sad!!! stop the madness people! its like they copied off of his Math Homework and copied it so hard that they also wrote his name...Pay this man for his work, stop eating off his back, hand, and talent! I mean damn at least be stand up enough to answer that man's email...I bet you would be pissed if he had time enough to sue yall, but Miya is busy making art for the soul....so step up or ship the fuck out and like I said earlier STOP THE MADNESS!

**Jael aka Breeze*** said...

I wrote to them via their website last night!! I don't anticipate a response b.u.t I've put the word out..that's not cool at all.

wisdom goddess born said...

I wrote on their website too. Left my email for them if they'd like to refute their stealin'. Gotta stand up for our real artist. Fo sho.

Michelle said...

Not cool!