Friday, November 5, 2010

Pin-Up Girl Art show TONIGHT @ City of Ink 8pm-12pm

Tonight at City of Ink from 8pm-12pm we are holding an art show for the love of tattooed pin-up sisters....I seen some of the paintings lastnight and this artist did a beautiful job... Drop by 323 Walker St. Atlanta GA 30313 tonight and we are taking walk-ins today so no appointment needed... Doors open at 1pm for the tattoos and at 8pm for the opening of the art show... See y'all there!.. We will shut down at midnight.

FREE ADMISSION.. no dress code... Come as yourself this is City of Ink....

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Location:323 Walker St. atlanta GA 30313

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Erika "The Focsi Mama" said...

We had a great time, as usual. Lots of great feedback, love, & support! We are so happy that folks got what it is we do! We appreciate you! Keep doing what you do!!!!