Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RIP Bong ... My damn temper!

After 7 long years I had to lay my bong to rest....I have been trying to do better with my temper... Weed do help me from snapping...in the street I was known for my short temper and being trigger happy but as I got older and started smoking weed I haven't got into any trouble with the police or got into any fights in a few years...I can't give all credit to weed smoke I have gotten better at not letting other peoples words bother me so much... It's been a stressful year but I'm still here and stronger than ever..but the other day I did get upset and ended up breaking my bong...I was upset because people take pity shit and turn it into something huge for no reason...my daughters are going through growing pains.. My oldest child just turned 17 and is trying to find her place in this world... One of my friends died of a drug overdose when I was in Europe... Another friend is in trouble in the streets....all of this is on my shoulders and people still trying to stress me over pity bullshit... All I can really say is.. I hope to get a new bong this month.. And focus on my children and finishing up this book

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It's always a sad day when we have to lay a friend to rest. I recently broke my bong of 5 years too. It was a difficult transition to find my next true love. But I think I found her. We are still in the "getting to know eachother" process, but things are getting better every day. RIP