Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tattooing in Miami Jan.27-29

I will be tattooing in MIAMI Jan.27, 28, 29 call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm $150 deposit to book an appointment

I haven't been to Miami in years... So I'm taking a trip down there to check out fellow tattoo artists Gino, Alex, & Dueler....I'm only tattooing "6" people (only 2 more spots are open for booking) I will be starting the filming of my doc film based on the lives & struggles of African American tattoo artists ..Gino has been tattooing for 16-17 years and Dueler has been tattoo since the 80's and is known for tattooing rock stars like Guns & Roses...both of these men are tattoo legends so I'm doing research on these brothers...I honor those who have paid dues..I'm about to go eat dinner with my family now before I go to Halo tonight... Me & Corey Davis are doing live art tonight...if your in Atlanta drop by the info (flyer) is below... Blessings yall

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Kay said...

I've been trying to fly down to GA to get inked. I really hope you come to NYC/NJ soon.

Miami is way to far. lol

I am Muzik said...

bless! i am so excited I am going to get tattooed by you in Miami! I have been telling myself for the past 2 years that I was going to go back to the "A" but it just never happened due to many things. I want to be a part of your movement, its awesome the art you do and the words you write on your blog. I pray where ever this road leads you many will understand your heart and vision. Peace be with you, I will see you soon!

Mar said...

Do you know when you'll be coming back to Houston?

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