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Book Release PARTY Saturday JAN.23 in Asheville, NC

My little Brother, Dada (Damion Bailey) will be having his book release party in Asheville, NC this saturday JAN.23...It was HELL trying to cancel appointments to host this event..I couldn't cancel my first appointment because they had bought their plane tickets and hotel already..and the refund would have cost me wayyy too after that tattoo I will be hitting for road for 3 hours to get to the mountains of NC and support my brother on his big night...I will only be in Asheville for the party so if your in Asheville I BETTER see yall at Club "828"....I stole the post below from Dada's blog his words always inspire me...we have both came a long way in life and I'm VERY proud of him...I will try not to get too drunk at the I hope my Asheville niggaz have some blunts rolled up for me :-)if yall need me, hit my cell 404-644-1912...I will drop by and see my daughters first them jump fresh on yall asses....can't wait to see you bruh!

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It's back. The celebration of "My Journal My Journey". This is my 2nd self-published book of poetry. The 1st book was entitled "Often Thoughts". I say tell folks it went Ghetto Gold in sales. Asheville was my strongest support. This is why I wanted to bring my 1st event home to Asheville. Once I decided this I put a bug in my homies ear. In October, I called Timmy Smith. He has shown success in having parties and a positive circle of energy. 2 things that motivated me to look for his assistance. It also helped that we were friends in high school, college, and to this current day. Turns out Timmy was the perfect partner. We have the same goals...similar aspirations. He's not afraid to let me know if my idea won't work. Also assisting Timmy with hosting this event is my big brother Miya Bailey. I love this guy immeasurable amounts. I've never held a bond so strong with anyone. Growing up he was by big brother, father figure, and inspiration. This guy means the world to me and I am grateful that he can take timeout of this busy schedule and alter appointments to be there for me.

So now we approaching our big day for the 2nd time (1st time got snowed out) January 23rd. Asheville, NC. Club 828. 10pm.

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