Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art from Tuesday

Tuesday my boy, Justin asked me to come over to Halo to do live art... I'm always down to do for that... Sometime I do get nervous in front of people...I have a shy side I'm trying to master....but I will do what I can for my I'm sitting in Halo listening to the music..every word inspires a new image in my mind...visuals of music...I actually SEE sounds...this drawing was inspires by the beauiful women staring at me drawing...the music behind me... I feel beats travel from my spine up to my brain...."ART" there is no feeling like it in the world.. So I made love to the pen "came" art... I gave birth to a new creation... Thank you

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Location:Halo Tuesday night


Anonymous said...

wooww.... This description of u making love to the paper n "cumin" art is eery-ly close to one of my poems I wrote a while back about my pen my wrist my thoughts n a "handjob" which resulted. In my cum on paper = the poetry... But is much classier how u put it... Making love lol.. Creative minds DO think a lot alike!!!all I can say is that ur "Orgasm" on this paper is BREATHTAKIN!!!! Btw.. U ck out my scorpion tat I sent u Chris blessed me with? I sent it to ur celly.. peace out .keep that love affair going between ur hand n ur mind.. The seeds spilleed on paper are blessings to us all :) *Sole*

Anonymous said...

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Ali said...

I never replied on one of your blogs before. I see this and I scroll away and it draws me back in. Every time I look at it I see somethign else, another crevice that has caressing an art that I looked over. The feeling and emotion that oozes out of your work is more than words can express. Amazing may be sufficient for now. She keeps looking at me! Beautiful Miya

Mreeuh said...


Anonymous said...

That shit is rEALLLLLL FLy braddah!