Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dymond Wayz Photoshoot.....with Cupcake Mafia

Yesterday after my last tattoo, I had to run over to Pearl's Baltimore Seafood (on Peters St.) to help my homegirl, Kesh out with a photoshoot with the Cupcake Mafia...I'm no model and I will never be one, but I had to support Kesh. She is a fellow Castleberry Hill business owner, and I love to see a person with hustle & drive so I was honored to play my part. If your ever in Castleberry Hill, drop by Dymond Wayz on Fair street next to the parking lot where "Off the Hook" barber shop is....props to the Horne Brothers for doing their once again...they were the photographers on this shoot..and they are also working on the City of Ink reality TV show....peace yall...I'm about to post more videos....

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